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Alpaca Herd Management Made Easy

software lets you easily create and manage an extensive database of valuable alpaca information.   The application focuses on specific areas related to Alpaca herd management practices. Herd management, health management and reproduction management highlight the main functions of the application. Additional features provide producers with the ability to add alpaca photos, link to documents, maintain show records, record fiber histogram data and keep fincancial records and much more.

Herd WORKS was created by an alpaca breeder and used extensively to manage the Heritage Farm Suri herd before being offered to other like-minded alpaca breeders.  Read on to see how Alpaca Herd WORKS stands apart from other herd management software.

New!  Alpaca Herd WORKS Forum
Click the button below to ask questions and post discussions on your experience with Alpaca Herd WORKS.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Version 3.0 for PC and MAC is now available! This upgrade is available for free to registered users.  Just go to the registration page, complete the form and type "upgrade in the comment section.  

iPACATM for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

We are pleased to announce that an iPhone version of Alpaca Herd WORKS called iPACATM is now available in version 2.0.   This new feature will add mobility to your herd management tasks.  Alpaca Herd WORKS allows you to create group procedures and print work sheets to take to the barn to record weights and medications given.  iPACATM will allow you to bypass the worksheets and and enter the data directly into your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Then, simply upload  the data files from your iPhone to your home computer via iTunes and all the data is transferred!  I think you will agree that this has the potential to make you record keeping even easier!  
iPACATM  includes expanded functionality that will provide you with the herd data you need when you're on the go!  Features included are Breeding Records, Contacts, Medication Database with dose calculator. Record Expenses, View Pedigrees and Make note of Alpacas of Interest you see at shows or on the road.   iPACATM is included at no charge to registered users, but will require a free download of a third party app from the iTunes store called Filemaker Go 12 for iPhone.  For iPad users, the full functionality of Alpaca Herd WORKS can be used on your device with the free download of Filemaker Go 12 for iPAD.  Both of these apps are available from the iTunes store but make sure they are both version 12.

Alpaca Herd Demonstration Movies

See short 10 minute movies covering the many features of Alpaca Herd WORKS.  These demonstration movies are designed to teach you the basics of Alpaca Herd WORKS and to walk you through various functions of the herd management software.  Whether you are just interested in checking out the software or you want to enhance your skills, these tutorial movies are sure to be worth your time.  To access the movies select Online Workshops/Demos from the main menu.  New movies will be added regularly so check back often.

myHERDSM for Alpaca Herd WORKS

myHERDSM (Herd Evaluation Records Database) is a herd and breeding management tool included in Alpaca Herd WORKS. The tool is based on the assumption that the major decision in a breeding program is to select which animals should be retained within a herd for breeding and to which sire or dam they should be mated. Historically such selection has been based on the visual assessment of the animal, its pedigree and/or by its performance in a show ring.

Today, elite breeders record and analyze production data from their herds to help them make informed breeding decisions.  myHERDSM is a tool to help you evaluate each alpaca in your breeding program on characteristics such as fiber, conformation, maternal and herd sire traits. Reports can then be generated that score and rank each alpaca on the compilation of points assigned to these traits.  Careful analysis of this data is used to help make the best breeding decisions based on your herd production goals. 

Check out this exciting new management tool by requesting your free trial today!

NEW - Online List ManagerSM for Alpaca Herd WORKS 

Version 2.0 of Alpaca Herd WORKS includes a new feature for helping you manage alpaca listing on multiple online list services such as AlpacaNation, Openherd, ARI List and Alpaca Street.  If you are like me and use more than one of these services to market your alpacas, this feature will make it much easier to manage.  Maintain all your online information in Alpaca Herd WORKS and simply copy and paste the data into the service that opens in a special browser window within Alpaca Herd WORKS.  You can even add highlights such as bolding, colored text, underscoring and italics as easily as clicking a button.  

I think you'll agree that this will be a big time-saver and will make your listings stand out among the rest!


While there are several other good herd management software programs available,  Herd WORKS offers features that set it apart from the rest:

  • AHW was the first herd management software to allow you to download of all your alpacas and ARI data from the Alpaca Registry website - no need to type each alpaca into the database!
  • Pleasing Graphical Interface - easy to navigate and screens look great!
  • Unlimited Document and Photo storage
  • Group Procedures - a function that allows you to easily record procedures on multiple alpacas with a few clicks
  • Weight Graphs - lets you monitor weight gains (or losses) at a glance. Plus, reports that summarize birth, weaning and 1-year weights of crias produce by your dams.
  • Breeding Planner - lets you create a breeding plan and study "what if" scenarios.
  • Feature-packed Contact database including an integrated web browser that allow you to instantly look at a Google map of the contact and the local weather at the contact's address.
  • Extensive Calendar Module - schedule events, create to-do lists, manage projects and maintain a farm journal.
  • Ancestry and Predigree features that allow you to veiw and extract data from online databases such as ARI and ALPACANATION
See more features going to the Feature Comparison page.