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We are pleased to announce that an iPhone version of Alpaca Herd WORKS called iPACA is now available to to add mobility to your herd management tasks. Alpaca Herd WORKS allows you to create group procedures and print work sheets to take to the barn to record weights and medications given. iPACATM will allow you to bypass the worksheets and and enter the data directly into your iPhone or iPod Touch. Then, simply sync iPhone with your home computer and all the data is transferred! I think you will agree that this has the potential to make you record keeping even easier!

iPACA is included in version 2.0 of Herd WORKS and has expanded functionality that will provide you with the herd data you need when you're on the go! iPACA will be provided at no charge to registered users, but requires the free download of a third party app from the iTunes store called FileMaker Go 14 (or higher).

If you have upgraded to Alpaca Herd WORKS v2.0, click here for instruction on how to get iPACA  up and running. 

The full version of Alpaca Herd WORKS can also run on your iPad with the help of an app called FileMaker Go 14 (or higher) for iPad. Download this for free from the iTunes store and follow these instructions to make the transfer.

iPACA for iPhone and iPad!

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