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Pricing Information and Herd WORKS Download

Download a 30 day free trial of Herd WORKS from this page.  Just complete the form and click the submit button.  You will be taken to the download page.  

At the end of your 30 day trial, you will have the option to initiate on online purchase of Herd WORKS via Pay Pal or credit card.  All the data you entered will be saved.  

If you have a slow internet connection,  complete this form and state in the comments section that you would like a fully functional trial CD mailed to you at no cost.

Herd Works is priced at a initial cost of $175. 

There is an annual renewal fee of $20 which pays for lifetime upgrades and technical support.

We are continually improving the program to provide new features to make your herd management the most comprehensive ever.  Your annual renewal fee helps make these improvements possible.

User Guide
A user guide from version 1.3 is available for download by clicking here.  

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