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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the demo version of Alpaca Herd WORKS have all the functionality of the full version?
A: Yes, the demo is a complete copy of the program, it will just time-out and stop working in 30 days.

Q2: Will I lose the data that I enter into the program if the time-out occurs?
A: No, any data that you enter will not be lost even if the program times out. After you purchase the software you will receive a "key" once this is entered the program will be fully functionally with all data that you have previously entered.

Q3: The demo download takes too long can you send me a CD?
A: Yes, use the online form to "request a free demo CD". We will mail you a CD within a few business days. Click here to request the free CD.

Q4: I have downloaded the Alpaca Herd WORKS software now what do I do?
A: The download process should have placed a file somewhere on your computer called Search for this file and then double click on it to start the unzipping process. After completion of the installation, a Alpaca Herd WORKS Launch icon will be placed on your desktop screen. 

Q5: How many alpacas can be entered into Alpaca Herd WORKS?
A: Unlimited.

Q6: What are the computer requirements for Alpaca Herd WORKS?
A: Pentium class PC or higher, at least 800x600 screen resolution, 16 MB of RAM and Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/95/NT.  A MAC version is also available

Q7: Does Alpaca Herd WORKS retain information for an animal after it is sold or has died?
A: Yes, this is one of the greatest benefits of using a computer-based record keeping system. As animals are born or purchased and are sold or died over several years they are stored within an internal database (Archive) in Alpaca Herd WORKS. This allows you to review and compare things like cria history, sold reports, etc… from one year to another.

Q8: How do I find a manual for the Alpaca Herd WORKS program?
A: The User Manual is a separate file in the Alpaca Herd Works Install folder

Q9: I have downloaded a demo of your software and am considering purchasing it. Are there options not available on the demo?
A: The "demo" version is the complete package with all of the features and options of the "paid" version. The only difference is the 30 day timeout pop-up warning when you start using Alpaca Herd WORKS. 

Q10: I just purchased a new computer and want to transfer my Alpaca Herd WORKS data to this new computer, how do I do this?
A: Just copy the entire Alpaca Herd Works folder on your C: drive.  Find the file called Alpaca Herd WORKS.exe and create a shortcut to it on your desktop

Q11: Is there a way to keep track of the dams and their respective crias?
A: Yes, enter your Dams and Sires into Alpaca Herd WORKS first and then when you enter a cria you can select the "Sire" and "Dam" for this cria. Alpaca Herd WORKS will then keep track of the association between the Dams-Sires and crias.

Q12: Can you store photos of the individual animals in their records?
A: Yes, you can store unlimited number of photos for each alpaca.

Q13: Can you create additional user fields? 
A: Not currently.

Q14: Can you hide or delete existing fields from reports?
A: Not currently

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